Company Profile

We are dedicated to the quality, service and safety of your vehicle. We take pride in cleaning your vehicle in a professional and timely manner using only the highest quality of chemicals available. You don't have to worry about your antenna, mirrors, roof and ladder racks. We only offer hand washing and have over 40 years combined experience. Hand washing takes a little more time, but you can rest assure that you will get the best available wash period. We only perform services in which we are expertly trained and with the combination of our professional grade chemicals our finished product produces the most exacting results. We go out of our way to find the most effective and safest cleaning solutions along with the longest lasting waxes. For the do it yourself washer, we sell the same quality chemicals we use to you at very comparable prices. We are located one block south of Historic Downtown Cartersville, Georgia. Let us pamper your car while you enjoy the history of Cartersville all within walking distance of our unique hand washing center.


We are truly a 100% hand wash car care center.  Since we use baby soft wash mitts, our technic produces an extremely high quality wash.  In order to give you the best wash possible, we hand wash the wheels the same way we wash the car. With our increase desire to improve our services, we are more concerned with the quality of the wash than the quantity of the washes.